Squaw Grove Township of Dekalb County, IL.

1924 Lane Rd, Hinckley, IL 60520

Greenwood Cemetery is also known as Squaw Grove Cemetery. The cemetery is located in the Village of Hinckley on Somonauk Road and North of Bastian Road. When you visit the cemetery, you will notice two dates on the gates. The first cemetery, probably called Squaw Grove Cemetery, was located on the East side of Somonauk Road. The plat map of 1871 shows it on land owned by Philo and Sallie Slater. On the 2nd day of January 1880, Paul and Sarah J. Nichols deeded six and one-quarter acres of land on the West side of Somonauk Road to the Board of Directors of the Greenwood Cemetery. The remains and memorial were moved to the new cemetery. The dates on the gates represent both the original cemetery, 1878, and the current cemetery, 1924.

Greenwood Cemetery is a beautiful cemetery overlooking the lower grounds from its hilltop surroundings. The hilltop is a natural deposit from the ice age. The statue in the center of the cemetery honors the War dead, a fitting memorial. Evergreen trees gently flow in the ever-present breeze. There is a long driveway from Somonauk Road to the cemetery grounds enabling the visitor to visualize the grandeur of this well-planned cemetery.